Digital Painting: Grey Scale / Value Scale

»  I can use rulers and guides in Adobe Photoshop.
»  I can blend black to white SMOOTHLY using a brush in Adobe Photoshop. 
»  I understand the responsibilities and ethics associated with publishing to the internet
»  CREATE:  Paint a Grey Value Scale using Photoshop in a 5 X 7 inch document at 300 DPI.


Create a new document with a resolution of 300 DPI, with a size of 5 X 7 inches. 

Using the ruler, setup 6, 1 inch squares, 1/2 inch from the edge.



Create a new layer, label it Reference Layer, and fill in each square with the appropriate values.


It should look something like this.



In a new layer, label it Blend Layer, create a rectangular value scale 1/2 inch below the top one.



GreyScaleBlend2In the blend layer, blend the black smoothly to white.  Use a large brush with a soft edge and set the Flow to something low, like 1-4%.  Use the eye dropper to pick the value that you want to work with and blend.  Does that make sense? It should look like the sample below.