What are You Working on this Summer? Check out Emka’s Work (15 Years old)


Need some inspiration? Check out Emka Klučovska’s latest work.  Very Cool!  She is a 15 year old artist from Slovakia and is self taught.  Some say she is a prodigy, I don’t think that term really applies here.  Well it all depends on how you define prodigy, I guess.  Emka works really hard and she is very talented!  She has be drawing since she was 2 years old, that is over 13 years.  How many hours a day do you draw?  How bad do you want it?   She wants it and all those years sketching  paid off.   I talk with my students all the time and tell them that being able to draw is not something you are born with; it is a skill AND YOU CAN LEARN IT!   So if you want it, get to work! ~Cornell




And now she is becoming a digital sculptor working with zBrush . . .  it will be great to see where her hard work takes her . . .