I've fallen, and I can't get up! Mairmy Express–Free!


3DTeacher-Icon2_thumb_thumbI  came across this short little Mairmy simulation the other day and thought it was awesome.  It was created with Mairmy a crowd simulation based Maya plugin from Basefront.  One of the cool things I found out was that they offer Mairmy Express which is a full functioning version of the plugin.  It has a some limitations, mainly the number of agents you can work with and export. I have not tried it yet, but I will as soon as I have a chance and with let you know what I think.  If any of you guys get to play with it first post your creations. ~Cornell


Check out this fun simulation, it is pretty funny.



Here is an example from World War Z which another software – Alice.  Alice is an in-house software used at MPC.   


Learning Mairmy (Here)

Here we're listing some useful steps which are able to guide you from scratch start to learn Miarmy and get through all of the contents. Usually, 2~3 weeks, you can master most of stuffs of Miarmy and put it into your projects!

1. Quick Start (1 day) Quick Start Pipeline

Quick start materials contain the main concept and workflow of Miarmy, which cover from modeling to rendering the entire pipeline.

2. Detailed Video Tutorials (2 weeks) Video Tutorials

We provided very comprehensive online tutorials and videos for your learning. After you understanding the general pipeline from step 1, you can dive into this part and learn more details from our tutorials.  There are more than 120 video tutorials online for FREE learning, and each of them contain SAMPLE files.

And also some DEMO files originated from our Demo 1~8 (Watch DEMOs)

3. Ready to Run Useful Tutorials