Home Depot Sells 3D Printers


3DTeacher-Icon2_thumb_thumbOne of my students came up to me in in class today and told me that they were selling 3D printers at Home Depot.  VERY COOL!!  AND they have them in stock at the local store down the street.   As I always say . . . “3D IS THE FUTURE!!! and it is not going away.  ~Cornell


MakerBot 3D printers coming to some Home Depot locations


If you live in New York City, Illinois or California, 3D printing may be as close as your nearest Home Depot.

MakerBot and Home Depot announced a new partnership on Monday to bring 3D printing capabilities to the masses. Several models of 3D printers will be sold in select stores and on Home Depot's Web site, and MakerBot kiosks will be available in a dozen Home Depots in nine cities to demonstrate how the technology works . . .  << MORE >>