Mini: Deformers

» I can apply non-linear deformers to objects for modeling purposes

» Create a basic set-up 3 cubes with heavy divisions to allow bending and save as base-model
» Apply each non-linear deformer individually, post in your blog, and describe what each deformer does.     ***You should have six images in your blog, demonstrating each of the deformers
» Create 2 more models, “stacking” deformers, each model should have multiple deformers

Create 3 Cubes with HEAVY divisions in all three axis (X, Y, Z).  Go to history (Inputs) for the cube and change the cubes sub-divisions and height.
Capture32 Capture33
Combine cubes MESH > Combine.

Create SIX models applying SIX different deformers, Bend, Flare, Sine, Squash, Twist, and Wave. Post individually in your blog - label each deformer.

Combined Deformers:
Select the combined object and apply a deformer. Deformers > Non-Linear Deformers > Bend  for example.

Save each model and take a screen shot for each - label each deformer. 

Then create TWO more models applying multiple deformers to different shapes.
Make sure you add tons of divisions to objects that you make.
Save all models and take a screen shots.
Post each on your blog.

Here is an example of multiple deformers:

Creative Version: 
Using any skill you have learned, create a 9th deformed model. You could use, but not limited to: color, transparency, beveling, texturing, ramps, extruding along a path, or anything you can come up with.     

You should have 9 images in your blog.
  1. Bend
  2. Flare
  3. Sine
  4. Squash
  5. Twist
  6. Wave
  7. Combo of two or more deformers
  8. Combo of two or more deformers
  9. Creative Combo, using anything that you have learned.