Autodesk Meshmixer 101: Getting Started with Meshmixer



3DTeacher-Icon2_thumb_thumbI have been playing with Autodesk’s Meshmixer lately and it is a pretty cool tool for both 3d printing prep work and it is also  just a fun  introduction tool to the 3d world.  I tried out earlier versions, but I wasn’t impressed at the time.  The current version 2.6 (Fall 2014) is worth playing with so check it out.  ~Cornell

What is Meshmixer?

From Autodesk: Meshmixer is a prototype design tool based on high-resolution dynamic triangle meshes. We are exploring the new capabilities of this surface representation for interactive design and fabrication, in the context of a practical system we release to the public.  


Here are a few intro video to get you started with Meshmixer.

First Launch

Start with this video to get the basics of the apps layout and basic navigation controls.

Import vs. Open

Navigation: Pan, Orbit/Rotate, Zoom


Move Objects

This video will show you how to move objects around in 3D within Meshmixer.

Transform Tool




Move Objects (with snapping)

Building off of the "Move Objects" video, this will show you how to move and rotate objects around with snapping constraints for more precision.


Selection Tool

In this video, see how to select objects, multiple objects, and face selection for different editing capabilities.



In this video, learn how to drag and drop parts onto your model to create a unique 3D mashup.