Levitation Tutorial

  Skills Needed:
  • Liquify Tool
  • Selections Tools
  • Healing Brush Tools
  • Layer Masks

Sorry General Notes . . .

First off you will need a couple of things
  • A camera (With a timer or remote)
  • A tripod
  • A cool location
  • Model (Can be you)
  • Some sort of support
  • Photoshop
Find a location and take a shot of it. (Think of this as a blank background)


Step Two:
Put out your supports and have your model or you lay on them.
Note: DO NOT MOVE YOUR CAMERA USE A TRIPOD! Keep it in the same spot.


Third Step:
Now open both images into Photoshop.
Copy the second image and layer it over the first image.
First image should be the Background.
Second image should be Layer One.
Click Layer One and Erase the supports.

 Mask out the lower half of the image.
It should look like this.