To Space and Beyond - Design


The Power of Blend Shapes

» I understand and can apply Blend Shapes to a given object for modeling or animation purposes
» Create a shape as a the base-model.
» Duplicate the base-model to create a target five times each time adjusting the shape
» Create a Blend Shape of all the new target models
» Create a simple 10 second animation (Playblast) showing a ‘morph’ between all of the Blend Shapes. 
» Post an image of the shapes used, the Blend Shape Editor, and the final Playblast
Create an original space ship blending two themes. Example: Steam Punk & marine boat.
Create a Padlet finding 20+ images with inspiring concepts and designs from your themes.
Sketch out a full page of thumbnails.
Create a final Sketch.
Create a 3D Model.